Hairdresser or Barber Job Resume Samples and Cover Letter Examples

Let’s understand the intricacies of drawing up a hairdresser’s resume and correctly fill out the key sections of the questionnaire: professional skills, qualities, and information about yourself. We will study the requirements that apply to applicants and correctly draw up a sample resume.

A good haircut is an important component of the image: it can add solidity to a man’s image, and to give girls femininity. A professional hairdresser knows how to make a hairstyle that will change the features, making them more perfect.

A hairdresser is a specialist whose tasks include cutting, shaving, dyeing, and styling your hair. Today, professional masters create real masterpieces, they shape the image, give advice on hair and scalp care. Their main goal is to make the guest presentable.

The standard duties of a hairdresser include the following functions:

  • Workplace preparation;
  • Toolbox processing;
  • Clients’ haircut;
  • Complex hair care;
  • The main types of hairstyling;
  • Reporting documentation;
  • Order supplies.

The standard requirements for a hairdresser are as follows:

  • The employer wants to hire a person with work experience who knows how to create haircuts, curl, style hair, and dye it.
  • Only people who have passed a medical commission can work as a hairdresser.
  • The applicant is required to have specialized education, portfolio, and orientation in cosmetics and their purpose.
  • More serious salons want to hire a person with hair extension skills, the ability to do a therapeutic head massage, and provide related services.

Some salons have additional requirements:

  • sell hair care cosmetics;
  • fulfill the sales plan;
  • do a therapeutic head massage;
  • Carry out skin and hair restoration procedures.


  • Mention professional skills and abilities that are directly related to the profession.
  • The presence of crusts about the completion of courses and seminars, training, and masterclasses will be a plus when applying for a job.
  • Write only those personal qualities that will be characteristic of the vacancy for which you are applying.
  • In the additional information block, display information that distinguishes you from other applicants.
  • It is advisable to attach a fresh portfolio to your resume, where the best works will be exhibited.


  • Know the main face types and their corresponding hairstyles.
  • Ability to make basic and modern haircuts.
  • Proficiency in a variety of cutting and styling techniques.
  • Hair coloring, highlighting, toning skills.
  • Knowledge of the care products used in the industry.
  • Knowledge of the theory and standards of hairdressing.
  • The presence of aesthetic taste and style.
  • Ability to offer and sell.
  • Ability to resolve a conflict situation.
  • Knowledge of tools and techniques used in hairdressing salons.
  • Know how skincare substances interact with different types of skin and hair.


A good hairdresser should have not only work experience and honed skills, but also the personal qualities inherent in a professional. Your resume will be successful if you include and describe the following features:

  • Punctuality and decency.
  • Refined artistic taste.
  • Performing duties in good faith.
  • Good eye, sense of harmony, and symmetry.
  • Creative for the profession.
  • Goodwill and tact.
  • Calmness in force majeure situations.
  • Cleanliness and organization
  • Punctuality and lack of bad habits.


Do not be unfounded and confirm what was said with numbers. The employer must trust that you are the one who will make the salon the place to which the visitor will want to return again.

The main principle of filling out the column about yourself is to briefly describe the experience gained + demonstrate the desire and ability to work in the specialty.


A well-crafted hairdresser resume should sell your specialty. Place an emphasis on proficiency in the required techniques, versatile work experience, and education.


New York (not ready for business trips)

Desired salary from 5,000, full time


Telephone: +1 (234) 567-89-00
Mailbox: [email protected]
Citizenship: United States
Education: Higher
Date of Birth: January 7, 199_ (age 29)
Family status: Single


January 2017 – present (4 years)
Hairdresser-fashion designer
Diadema beauty salon, New York

  • Possession of modern and basic haircut techniques (geometric and creative);
  • Hair coloring: ombre technique, balayazh, shatush, highlighting, Air touch, blonding, toning, coloring;
  • Ability to do hairstyles (wedding, evening), styling and weaving
  • Hair extension in Italian and Hollywood technique
  • Knowledge of the theory and modern standards of hairdressing ;
  • Experience in direct sales, the ability to win the client’s trust.

January 2011 – January 2016 (5 years)
Barbershop ello studio, New York

  • Consulting the client on the selection of hairstyle and choice of cosmetics
  • Various types of men’s haircuts with elements of creativity and traditional classics
  • Head massage and hair styling in the desired variation.
  • Design and modeling of the aesthetic shape of the beard and mustache,
  • Friendly communication, an individual approach to each client, taking into account his preferences and anatomical features of facial features and head shape, using a creative vision of the final result of haircuts and hairstyles.
  • Progressive methods of performing haircuts, to create a unique image on an individual basis, actively presenting a cosmetic brand located at the salon for further sales.


2009, full-time course
State University of Fashion and Design
Faculty of Hairdressing
Specialty: universal hairdresser

  • Specialty diploma.
  • A valid certificate.


2018, 3 months (1 year ago)
Techniques for men’s haircuts
Education and training center

2017, 3 months (2 years ago)
Exclusive styling techniques
Educational and training center


Foreign languages:
English – native.

Computer skills:
Printing, scanning, copying documents, Internet, E-mail.

Free time activities (interests, hobbies, hobbies):
I read materials on new techniques, fitness, yoga, cinema, museums, exhibitions.

Personal qualities:
Competent speech, organizational skills, result orientation, poise, activity, responsiveness, politeness, ability to easily find contact with people, optimism, I can effectively plan time, attentiveness to details, striving for professional development, initiative, a good level of professional competence , erudition, skillful use of technical teaching aids.


Can anyone recommend you?
Specify: Name / Position / Contacts


The wagon does styling, hair coloring gives advice on hair care, and understands diseases. She cuts women, men, and even children if necessary. It is much more profitable for an employer to hire a station wagon than to keep a lot of narrow-profile craftsmen.


A hairdresser-stylist is able to completely change a person’s style by changing only one hairstyle. They are engaged in the development of new models of hairstyles and they are often invited to participate in competitions. A stylish, like a station wagon, is a broad-based specialist.

He must understand the basics of building newfangled hairstyles, hair structure, and skin properties. Create custom hairstyles and those that are suitable for special occasions.


A technologist is a specialist who, in addition to creating hairstyles and having a good command of the technologies of working with hair, is also engaged in the sale and promotion of cosmetic products of any manufacturer. Among his responsibilities can be found – teaching people hairdressing skills.


Colorist – this profession requires a creative approach. They go to him not only for a fashionable haircut and beautiful styling. The colorist knows how to choose the most suitable coloring products for the client’s hair.

The colorist knows which colors to mix to create a new hue and how to make a smooth transition from tone to tone. He knows how to accurately measure the proportions and calculate the required consumption rate of each component for dyeing hair and owns advanced dyeing techniques.


The hairdresser-fashion designer forms the image that the client wants to see. His task is for the guest to leave the salon satisfied with his image, even if, having come to the master, he himself did not know what he wanted or could not explain his wishes to the hairdresser.

The fashion designer combines various types of haircut techniques of all levels of complexity, resulting in a unique image of the client.


The purpose of the cover letter is to win over the person who is selecting the resume. This is a short story in a free form emphasizing your superiority over other candidates and your conscious choice of place of work.

Hello ( write employer’s name if known )!
My name is ( fill in your Name and Surname ).


On the site ( write where you learned about the vacancy ), I saw an advertisement, which says that you need a professional stylist.

For three years now I have been working in the “Style” beauty salon, during which time the level of my skill has significantly advanced. I spared no effort or time to attend trainings and refresher courses.

The number of clients of the aforementioned salon has tripled, most of them are my regular clients. Today I can say with confidence that I can make people beautiful.

But at this stage my professional growth has stopped and it’s time to move on. I am sure that in the case of our cooperation, your company will receive a competent master, and I will receive an excellent mentor.

I would be glad to discuss all the details with you in person.


Please contact me by contacts:

First name Last name
Link to profile in social networks (optional)

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