Cover Letter Examples — First what comes to HR’s eyes first

The cover letter comes to HR’s eyes first. This short semi-formal document really adds to the chance when applying for a job when submitting a resume. You can draw a figurative analogy: if the resume is the composition of the product, then the cover letter is its advertisement. If you want to successfully sell yourself in the labor market, do not be lazy to write a cover letter.

Perfect examples and templates – like a spherical horse in a vacuum – don’t exist. But let’s take a look at a few examples where a resume cover letter will play a role in your job search.

A cover letter is especially relevant for job seekers with no work experience. A young specialist who has just left the walls of the university has nothing to surprise employers with. Little labor experience (or none at all), practical skills, and abilities as well. But there is something important that “hooks” HR managers and executives – motivation, enthusiasm, energy. If yesterday’s student has at least something to emphasize his business and human qualities, it must be done when sending a resume!

Examples of cover letters that work

The vacancy of your company on the *website* attracted me from the first reading because this is a job that best
suits my desires and skills. At the university, I was constantly engaged in trade union activities, organized skits took
part in theatrical performances and thematic evenings. Thesis theme: “Organization of children’s parties in conditions
of low funding.” The event agency is the most fertile ground for the use and disclosure of my abilities and skills to the
fullest. I want to gain practical experience by studying with specialists with solid experience. Hope I can be a useful
member of your team. “

Specifically, in the case of a newly minted specialist, one can emphasize the readiness to first be issued for a reduced position or not for full time. Sample:

“I am aware that at the moment I do not have extensive baggage of practical experience. Therefore, I agree to start
right away as a junior specialist or trainee. I am very interested in the intricacies of the sphere of logistics, I love the
order in the documents, I grasp it on the fly and try to win my place in the “main team” of the team with maximum
efficiency. “

It will not be superfluous to clarify why you want to work in this particular company.

“I want to honestly admit right away why I strive to work for the Company. First, it is best to learn from leaders.
Secondly, it attracts an invaluable opportunity to learn from such industry professionals as Alex Pendi and Mike Peterson.

Yours faithfully and hope for cooperation, Jassy Smith. “

Everything related to specifics is already indicated when submitting a resume. Dry numbers, document links, company names, time slots, and job titles. All of this (undoubtedly important data) weighs a lot more if it comes with an emotional cover letter. HR will pay attention to the job seeker with a twist.


My entire adult life in search of a dream job I have been monitoring vacancies on the *website* in the hope that
your company will open the right position for me. And finally, I was lucky! My dream is to do my favorite activity and
develop in the field of trade with you. My family will be very proud if I am lucky enough to get a job at the “Company”!

Sometimes it’s worth moving away from the template a little and adding creativity and humor to the design. Especially if the field of activity is conducive to that.

“Greetings to your future colleagues! (At least, I really hope that it will.)

My wife gave me an ultimatum: if I don’t get a job in the near future, she will collect all our ten children and go to live
with my mother. To mine. I really would not like to shift such responsibility onto the shoulders of an elderly woman, so
I ask you to carefully consider my resume. Especially the points in which the work path of me as a specialist is
described in detail.

I keep my mobile at hand, as I’m waiting for a call with an invitation for an interview. “

The emphasis can be placed on the structured design of the cover letter for the resume. The listing is easy to read.
Please note only that the text from the CV should not be thoughtlessly duplicated there.

  • I’ve been working as a stylist all my life. Since school, I have done hairstyles and makeup for all classmates for the
    autumn-spring balls and New Year’s discos.
  • The team of your company is just a constellation of brand names, outstanding personalities, and respected
    specialists. I would be honored to join such a creative team.
  • For the last two years, I have rented an office in a beauty salon, so I will come to you with my own accumulated
    customer base.
  • She was filmed in the second season of the TV show “Dancing with the Hairdresser”, so I am not ashamed to add
    my already well-known and well-known name to the cohort of “Company” stars.

As you write your resume cover letter, consider the basic guidelines

Letter structure:

  1. Appeal.
  2. An explanation of why this cover letter is written.
  3. The part that describes what you can offer the organization.
  4. Initiation of contact, thanks for your attention, “Sincerely, Vasily Pupkin”.
  5. Avoid hackneyed and ridiculous patterns of speech, bureaucracy (example: “absence is present”, “has a place to be”).
  6. Take business style as a basis and add a twist to it that will make you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.
  7. Be sure to write why the employer should hire you.
  8. Don’t pour water or repeat your own resume.

If there is an opportunity to find out who from the HR department is engaged in a given vacancy, do it! Calling by name will undoubtedly add points in the eyes of the personnel officer.

The structure and style of design are important, no doubt about it. But do not step on the throat of your own song if creativity, emotionality, or humor will sound organically in the lyrics. Remember, perfect examples and reference designs are fantastic. And in real life, sometimes what your intuition tells you “shoots out”.

Let your resume cover letter be a little non-standard. Take a step forward so that employers will distinguish you from the rest of the specialists.

Examples of Cover Letters

On this website, you can download examples of professionally written cover letters. Only on our website cover letters are drawn up for each specialty separately. Thus, your cover letter will not be formulaic but have its own individual style. All cover letters are made in a text editor Word and have the * .doc extension. The examples can be used as ready-made quality templates for writing your own cover letter.

By downloading examples of cover letters from right now, you will save a lot of time and effort in finding the right cover letter option that suits you.